Monday, July 29, 2013

surreal urban landscapes

…reminiscent of the movie Dark City (reviewed by Roger Ebert)…imagined #city for imaginary #mooc#citymooc, The video invites comparison with less than other realistic artifacts, whether advertising, mythic foundings, artwork, allegorical renderings or contested mappings.

Prepare to visit a strange new world in which cityscapes can be spun around like the layers of a Rubik's cube — and where the laws of physics no longer apply.

Filmmaker Chris Kelly writes,
Our understanding of space is not always a direct function of the sensory input but a perceptual undertaking in the brain where we are constantly making subconscious judgments that accept or reject possibilities supplied to us from our sensory receptors. This process can lead to illusions or manipulations of space that the brain perceives to be reality
Read more at io9 and the original at GawkerThis surrealist film treats urban landscapes like a Rubik's Cube

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