Saturday, October 30, 2010

midday musings to the contrary

"Musingsmakes a workable series for blogging disorganized thoughts and those other otherwise not subject to easy categorization. How to blog blogs (redundant, meta or what?) recommend series as way to organize blog posts and even keep them on some sort of regular feeding schedule. Including the series name in the title signals to readers in advance whether or not to bother with the post. The lazy sots like that. Stuck in a feedback loop: maybe meta is a synonym of sorts for redundant. Wouldn't that twist a knot in the skirts of culture theory wonks?

Don't grumble. I warned you "musings," by definition, would be disorganized. This one's for me so I get to do what I want the way I want. No public service announcements, no concern with community spirit, no advocacy unless ironically intended, no calendar announcements, no free PR for virtual parasites and other ingrates: in short, no business whether as usual or otherwise. Musing + graphic (appropriate or even just selected at random) seems like an easy recipe for keeping up.

Homework: drafting a firm but tactful policy guide for service and expository (information) blogs. Tricky combination. Musing, in this case, vents less tactful tendencies currently in ascendancy. Having a paid gig doing pretty much what I've been doing for free casts free online services and the bad behavior of the recipients in a whole 'nother light. I was already out of sorts with the whole syndrome and its tribe of accomplices. Had been long enough for it to be an old song. That not only strips me of bitching rights but makes me an enabler. Whoa. Come to a screeching halt. Make a sliding stop right there

Now time will be tighter. Much. Necessity that mother requires I tend to matters by weeding out virtual parasites and other time thieves. Thank you Mother Necessity for saving me from myself.

  1. accept only easy to turn around submissions, preferably ready to blog but let's be realistic
  2. DOWNSIZE it dammit (images, files): 1MB limit is beyond generous.
  3. no more doc conversions or accepting files  I can't open
  4. no more unlimited reminders, 1 reminder after original query, 3rd time just shoot them like in the old joke about the stubborn mule and training Kate
  5. speaking of time and time thieves, make those submissions in a timely manner
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