Saturday, August 20, 2011

Extraordinary Discourse

What can I say? The link is on my feed reader now. Podcast themes (or would they be topics, with mashups one is never quite sure) work and the workplace (The World Owes You A Living 1 & 2) and knowledge (The Twisted Hairs Rhizome, Fractal Documentary, Delectables for Autodidacts) both relate to interests I blog and curate content about. There are more. I could blog selections on The New Faculty Majority (work, learning), Work and Life (more work) and Computers Language Writing (knowledge, learning). I may eventually. For now, c'est pour la flâneuse...

Jack Saturday explains in the header, "Extraordinary Discourse has been long in preparing. I offer a multi-voiced thought adventure, around an hour a week. Its many themes converge in the theme of Play" and quotes Whitman, "Failing to fetch me at first, keep encouraged. Missing me one place, search another. I stop somewhere waiting for you."

Kairos lays out the plan in succinct detail and less playfully....

"Extraordinary Discourse" is the latest project of Canadian audio and new media artist Jack Saturday, previously best known for an enormous sound-collage called "The World Owes You a Living" which was self-published on 6 CDs back in about 2005.

His technique is to harvest thousands of short sound-bites from the infosphere - from pundits and commentators, from interviews with ordinary people, and sometimes from films or TV shows - then stitch them together into king-size sound-quilts. As the title "The World Owes You a Living" suggests, there is a polemical slant to his work: he's a millenialist who believes that there is plenty of wealth to go round and that we could all be leading fulfilling and meaningful lives, but that society has been rigged to keep both wealth and self-fulfillment in the hands of a priveleged few.

The resulting work is full of both visionary hope and libertarian outrage, but it's also full of artistic inventiveness, kaleidoscopic variety, humour and fun. "Extraordinary Discourse" takes the form of a series of podcasts - twenty-nine to date - built on an even larger scale than "The World Owes You a Living" and incorporating all the material from that earlier project. Check them out. His is a voice well worth hearing, particularly right now.

Extraordinary Discourse" by Jack Saturday, Kairos

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