Sunday, June 26, 2011

arts, letters & other cyber flânerie

Good stuff from Arts & Letters ~ essays, opinions, articles, book reviews ~ while I ponder editorial policies for sundry blogs and their respective social media extensions and test drive alternate modes of blogging. The rss reader's added functionality for sharing / sending feeds to other social media platforms, Facebook's improved sharing and so on. On the other hand auto-posting syndicated feeds seems less reliable, oddly readable as jelly side up.
Flâneuse seems the place to think in text: flâner et écrire. Écriture comme espèce de flânerie. The platforms ~ blog, microblog, social network ~ possess distinct characters, both in how they manifest and are used, as well appealing to distinct user, in not groups, then inclinations. Obviously, NFM's cyber personae will tend to belong the same group: adjunct / contingent faculty and their supporters, such as they are. Do I develop one as a single one stop portal, sync everything to post or just cross link platforms and cross post just some items? The mother ship (e.g. New Faculty Majority page, Web 1.0) should function as portal and centre de ville but does not, whether by accidental design or deliberate policy.

Each network is distinct, albeit with overlaps: none a silo. I'm looking at customizing policies for each network ~ community, literary, adjunct advocacy, teaching, personal ~ that will spare blogging from the worst ravages of social media. Each network has it's own character, purpose, audience parameters. Overall, Facebook and Twitter are better for the short, timely and perhaps more ephemeral. Grab and share it with minimal comment. Blogging thrives on reflection over sheer timeliness.

Reading and writing reflectively live: read on..

Arts & Letters Daily

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Arts & Letters Daily (26 Jun 2011)
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