Friday, April 14, 2006

Dribblings, more excuse making than update...

In keeping up and alive the more public voiced Mountainair Arts, I've been neglecting MM. Not that there aren't projects underway... notes in files and drafts started. I must remind myself that rough is the operative word for taking drafts for test drives here.

The arts thing got me thinking about a number of topics. Local & wider considerations on art/space & power. Cultural capital and applying Bourdieu to Mountainair (why stop with Habermas?). From there, I backtracked to social capital, which sheds more than a little light on overlapping groups here interact - and don't. Finally, "What is Art Anyway?," perhaps more suitable for here than its originally intended destination - on the other M blog.

Mostly unrelated to Mountainair, I've also been thinking a lot about education, - systems, corporatization, (exploited) labor, and camoflauged censorship. This last area I am probably too close and, consequently, bitter about to step back & way from rant mode. It does relate to social and cultural capital. Good therapy maybe - sloppy writing.

I also can't help thinking more these days about aging, caught up in the process as I am, with a ringside seat. Staying interested in a lot of things keeps the mental end up, except for those increasingly frequent occasions that forgettery outstrips memory and brain fog takes over. The physical end is less susceptible to mental shlock therapy jolts.

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