Tuesday, September 07, 2010

maquillage du blog

Overdue part deux of post-downer recovery from doing the digital for the public weal. It is not enough to change editorial course or resume a previous one, ever bearing in mind that the very notion of any kind of heading is contrary to the principles of  flânerie. Whether nostos or heading off in an entirely new direction, one must also look different. Appearance and costume matter. Nothing quite like remodeling or a face lift for a psychic pick-me-up. Can't afford either, so it's just as well the inclination is lacking in other spheres. Electronically, enter new templates and features for blog makeovers. Maquillage... in art and flânerie.

I've been redecorating the rest of my personal blogosphere. Design choices range from elegant to clean lined simplicity, a green grass, blue skies evocative of picnics under a summer sky or dignified without being stuffy.

... and now la chère flâneuse ... each makeover suiting their blog personae and purpose. What delicious irony to use purpose and flânerie in the same sentence. A blessing to never ever again use either "mission" or "mission statement" unless with max pomo or post-pomo irony (wonder what that last might look or read like...). Mission = WTF I want it to be. Don't Feed the Trolls? Sh**t ! I am the troll.

So, what now? Update the Sunflower Festival essay? Something on rural development in the time of economic cholera? Grant fantasies? If "Grants = welfare for organizations supporting the status quo," would that make the Chamber of Commerce a Welfare Queen? How does institutionalizing (and thereby controlling underlying impulses) affect advocacy and good works? The makeover demands that I remember to avoid real names unless I'm saying something nice. Maybe not even then. I have other blogs for that sort of thing.

Implying let alone stating anything resembling a "purpose" contradicts flânerie. I wander the City of Bytes and house of memory wherever curiosity and my fancy take me. 

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