Thursday, December 24, 2009

flâneuse revenante

dang flâneuse won't fade away like faerie no one believes in, won't lie down and die. could this be a message to my unconscious that she has more to say? that she needs to speak free, run amok. who knows, resuscitating her might breathe life in the sad flagship ~ blog ship? ship of blog? or be the instrument seppuku. arts needs an id. is flâneuse arts' id? say that fast 20 times...

send out the runners... change the settings. what status then? to publish but not list on profile? to flaunt or not to flaunt, that is the question.

a recent problogger post might be relevant here: "How to Manage Expectations with Your Blog Readers?"

just because it's about marketing and blogging for money ~ not my blogging focus ~ doesn't automatically mean it's useless. au contraire, dit la flâneuse, soi-même l'essence du contraire. the m-arts conundrum arises from the dissonance between my expectations and those of my readers, at least some of them.

m-announcements' raison d'être is less murky although, given its clear statement of purpose and mundane nature, still surprisingly misunderstood. problogger's advice should apply here as well.

1. Know what your own Goals and Expectations are
2. Communicate Your Expectations Clearly
3. Identify Common Unmet Expectations and Preempt Them
4. Don’t Hype

personally, I don't think #4 is my problem. I'd like to think I had a good handle on #2 and am more inclined to chalk up communication speed bumps to misreading, willful or otherwise. retired mili non-coms (if that advanced) with bs 'r us drive thru degrees to the contrary, I am not inclined to dumb down blog posts....but did find equating phx undergrad with UC grad school beyond amusing.

imo most problems under #3. identify and pre-empt. 

What would I add?
it's not in my nature to blog under a pseudonym, hide my positions, deny blog offspring. they will out sooner or later, and most likely at the most inopportune occasion possible. it is, however, in my nature not to bring them up our of context or in incompatible company. just not talk/write about them because the flâneuse's doings are none of their business (nor those of the adjunct for that matter).

if readers of the other blogs don't notice, fine. if they do and complain, it's on them not me. I didn't bring it up ~ the complainers had to go out of their way to find something to hand their complaints on ~ certainly not there by invitation either.

the blogger reflection below hardly reflects my thoughts ~ more like a contrast benchmark. the 2nd however

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