Saturday, December 26, 2009

resolutions of an irresolute flâneuse

flâneuse résolue ~ c'est moi, néamoins plusiers doutes. surveying the list of posts, sad ~  17 in three years counting this one. granted, if I am to continue here, fewer or at least different but more interesting rants and more resolutions - of the practical and realistic variety. last year's blog resolutions worked ~ KISS (keep it short and simple) ~ Blogging English excepted.

resolutions do not have to be the same for each blog. the flâneuse hereby resolves:
  1. customize resolutions (except this one?)
  2. (and this one) blog regularly: set a schedule (i.e. 1-3 week) and stick to it 
  3. don't let regularity lead to mental constipation or banality
  4. the contrary flâneuse is not a community blog ~ shun psa's and lectures
  5. blog à clé: use pseudonyms for any references that could be construed as personal
  6. blog not clog ~ short posts (channel TW)
  7. the niche thing ~ post to a theme even if I don't yet know what that would be
too many for now ~ back in another to trim

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