Thursday, June 25, 2009

As it turns out, the contrary flâneuse does not have to practice misdirection just yet. Thinking cautiously - and that I may have underestimated reader cleverness - even the Publican's - in decoding, I decided to change settings to private. Lo and behold I had already done that at some forgotten point in the past. Unnerving to realize that caution has become so ingrained.

Inspired or at least encouraged by kibrolv, I'm resuming posting on Computers, Language, Writing. Sadly, formerly first among blogs, Mountainair Arts is no fun anymore.

Announcements, on the other hand, is neither irritating nor a creative delight to maintain - neutral, almost Taylorized in its procedures - safer for that. I was enjoying the plog until poetaster effect, eg approaching picnic and consequent annoyances such as the whining of the easily confused and likely dim (simple logic and page scrolling is beyond them) and the issuing of orders - annual flunkification as it were. I published a "guide to the perplexed" to address current and forestall future whining.

If I survive through August, the poetry plog could be fun again. How to take MArts off the critical list is another matter. Time to figuratively and verbally flip the bird at oxygen thieves and naysaying chorus.

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