Saturday, June 13, 2009

I can hardly believe it - but must: nearly 2 1/2 years since my last post here. In the meantime, I've started, maintained and kept active a handful of blogs, few as fun as this one promised to be. More dutifully communitarian to be sure. I've discovered other web 2.0 social networking app and am trying to keep au courant about web 3.0, semantic web, etc. Periodically, seeing flâneuse on my blogger dashboard, alone and neglected, I wonder if I should pull the plug on her but cannot.

What to do? Post again before the Society for Prevention of Blog Neglect tracks me down. block access and carries flâneuse off to some virtual shelter for abandoned blogs. Who knows, letting it all hang out here might make me kinder, lower snark quotient on Arts. Local PCTPTB (People Considering Themselves PTB) and Stuffed Shirt Society should but probably won't thank me. There's a significant membership overlap in case anyone is so gormless as not to have noticed.

Reviewing old posts: little has changed, a testament to what Balzac, Hardy, Flaubert, Mahfouz, Pio Baroja, et alia have had to say about village life over the centuries...
Some changes of allegiances, names on local playlist, few of outlook, none of issues, etc. Indeed, starting in posting about current grice list, anyone inattentive to header dates would think this posts followed hot on heels of previous posts.

So ends the "I'm back but no telling if here to stay" post

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