Tuesday, April 20, 2010

taking my social media pulse

I'm keeping up with blogs, more or less, Thatis this week, no telling what next week will bring. Caring about keeping up is harder than the blogging itself.  

The Chinese menu formula (one each from columns A, B, C, etc) for the New Faculty Majority blog keeps posts distributed between official, unofficial but relevant and personal. I should add a column D for humor if only for my own sanity. It may work out. Time will tell. 

Mountainair Arts runs to the haphazard, depending on mood and what lands in my mailbox. I think I may be getting past the blog-malaise that stalks me, blocking blogging, more there than any place else. Poets and Writers Picnic seems less susceptible. That will no doubt change as picnic slouches toward the Shaffer garden like some proverbial beast waiting to be born. 

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