Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Belated Bookish Links

Laid back: Samuel Beckett in Dublin in August 1948, enlarged from a small, grainy photograph. Courtesy of the Beckett International Foundation, University of Reading
Beckett, Dublin 1948, Beckett Foundation

“One of the great productions of literary scholarship of our time,” the Beckett letters (via @seanjcostello). * Who is César Aira? * An encounter with the keepers of the Flannery O’Connor legacy. * Inside William Faulkner’s drinks cabinet. * F. Scott Fitzgerald’s guide to the good life. * The recipe for Anthony Burgess‘ infamous cocktail Hangman’s Blood. * From Baggot Street Bridge, a Patrick Kavanagh app. * When T.S. Eliot met Ezra Pound. * “I have been boiled in a hell-broth.” T.S. Eliot writes to Virginia Woolf.

* “This kind of long gestation period is pretty typical for America’s corps of young, elite celebrity novelists. Jonathan Franzen took nine years…Donna Tartt vanished for a decade…Michael Chabon has gone seven years between major novels.” * DBC Pierre & Nicholson Baker’s fictional excesses. * On “great American cynic” Ambrose Bierce (via Vol. 1 Brooklyn).

* Los Angeles, London, New York: when fiction makes real-world cities “better* ... Stephen Crowe tells Her Royal Majesty why he’s illustrating Finnegans Wake.

More on Stephen’s blog: http://wakeinprogress.blogspot.com

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